Gazetted Act and Regulations

Below you will find a list of all the current Civil Aviation Regulations (CARS) as published in the Government Gazette No: 2467 dated 02 January 2001.

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New Civil Aviation Act - The new Act has been gazetted.
Copy of the new Bill (2015 - new Civil Aviation Authourity) 
Explanatory memoradum regarding the bill on civil aviation by the Minister of Works Hon. Alpheus - New Bill 
Motivation statement during the introduction of civil aviation bill by Hon Alpheus 10 june 2015 - New Bill
NCAA Revised Fees as of 4th April 2017

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Please note: Part 187 Fees, due date is 31 January 2018; and All other draft published regulations, due date is 28 February 2018

Draft Regs and CATS -  Vol1 Oct17
Draft Regs and CATS -  Vol2 Oct17
Draft Regs and CATS -  Vol3 Oct17
Notice NAMCARS / NAMCATS 2018 Vol1
Newspaper notice - Draft Regs and CATS -  Vol1 Oct17

NAMCATS 2 - Units of Measurement - Technical Standards
NAMCATS 24 Publication Version
NAMCATS 36 Noise Certification - Publication Version
NAMCATS 43 Publication Version
NAMCATS 44 Publication Version
NAMCATS Part 48 Publication Version
NAMCATS Part 175 - AIS - TECHNICAL STANDARDS - Publication Version
NAMCATS Part 175 - AIS Appendices - Publication Version
Annexure A - NAM-CATS-FCL 61-Issued under Aviation Directive
Annexure B - NAM-CATS-FCL 61 Appendixes

Proposed updated fees 2nd half 2017/2018 financial year

Amended Part 187 - [1] En-route charge [2] Terminal Control Area charge (TMA) [3] Aerodrome charge (ADR) [4] Glider charge [5] meteorological charge [6] aviation safety charge

Part 1 Definitions and abbreviations  
Part 11 Procedures for making regulations, issuing technical standards and granting exemptions  
Part 13 Enforcement procedures  
Part 21 Certification procedures for products and Parts and Airworthiness of Aircraft  
Part 34 Engine Emission Certification  
Part 36 Noise Certification  
Part 43 General Maintenance Rules  
Part 47 Registration & Marking  
Part 61 Pilot Licensing  
Part 63 Flight Engineer Licensing  
Part 64 Cabin Crew Licensing  
Part 65 Air Traffic Service Personnel Licensing  
Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensing  
Part 67 Medical Certification  
Rules of the Air and General Operating Rules  
Part 91 General Operating & Flight Rules  
Part 92 Conveyance of Dangerous Goods  
Part 98 Operation of Powered Paragliders  
Part 100 Operation of Gyroplanes  
Part 101 Operation of unmanned Free Balloons, Kites, Rockets & remotely Piloted Aircraft  
Part 102 Operation of free Balloons & Airships  
Part 103 Operation of Microlight Aeroplanes  
Part 104 Operation of Gliders  
Part 105 Operation of Parachutes  
Part 106 Operation of Hang Gliders  
Part 107 Operation of Amateur-built Aircraft  

Certified Aircraft Operators & Other Flight Operations  
Part 121 Air Transport Operations - Large Aeroplanes  
Part 127 Air Transport Operations - helicopters  
Part 133 Helicopter external-load Operations  
Part 135 Air Transport Operations - Small Aeroplanes  
Part 137 Agricultural Operations  

Aerodromes and Heliports  
Part 139 Licensing & Operation of Aerodromes & Heliports  

Part 141 Aviation Training Organisations  
Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisations  
Part 147 Design Organisations for Products, Parts & Appliances  
Part 148 Manufacturing Organisations  
Part 149 Aviation Recreation Organisations  

Air Traffic Services  
Part 172 Air Space & Traffic Services  
Aeronautical Information and Related Services  
Part 174 Meteorological Information Services  
Part 175 Aeronautical Information Services  

Part 183 General  
Part 185 Offences  
Part 187 Fees