Personnel Licensing (PEL)
Flying Licences & Ratings available for issue

Application for the Issue, Renewal Application forApplication for the Issue, Renewal & Validation of Licences 

We will renew and validate a licence within a maximum of 2 working days from the date of receipt of:
  • a properly completed application form 
  • all necessary documents 
  • payment of the prescribed fee
Flying Licences
  • Student Pilot Licence SPL Aircraft Category rating 
  • Free Balloon Pilot Licence FBL Aircraft Class 
  • Glider Pilot Licence GPL Simulator Flight Instructor 
  • Microlight Pilot Licence MPL  
  • Private Pilot Licence Helicopters PPL Rotor 
  • Private Pilot Licence PPL  
  • Commercial Pilot Licence Helicopters CPL Rotor 
  • Commercial Pilot Licence CPL 
  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence Helicopter ATPL Rotor 
  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence ATPL
  • Aircraft Category rating 
  • Aircraft Class
  • Simulator Flight Instructor
Ratings for Special Purposes 
  • Instrument Rating 
  • Flight Instructor Rating 
  • Night Rating 
  • Tug Pilot Rating 
  • External Load Rating (Helicopter) 
  • Winching Rating (Helicopter) 
  • Game / Livestock Cull Rating (Helicopter) 
  • Agricultural Pilot Rating 
A complete list of all Licence and Rating Issue, Renewal and Re-issue forms can be found at "Fees & Forms".